, we're Matt, Christine, Chloe and Libby Sauder. We're on a mission: to love God and to love others. 



Simple as that.

                           Matt has felt a call to be a missionary since college. He had known he

was going to be in ministry for a long time. Both Matt and Christine met each other

while attending Spring Arbor University. We met and got to know each other on a

college mission trip to the Navajo Nation, in New Mexico. We soon fell in love and,

after college, were married. We lived in Jackson, Michigan, where Matt was a youth

pastor at a multicultural Latino church.


                                     At the beginning of 2008 we moved to Indianapolis, Indiana, where Matt started

                                     working at International Child Care Ministries, the child sponsorship program of the                                          Free Methodist Church, and also was a youth pastor in an inner-city church in Indy.                                            Christine taught math at a middle school in Indy as well. When we moved to Indy we                                        started looking into areas of the world where we could serve as missionaries. Each place we looked into didn't work out so we decided to let the Lord open the door in His time. Chloe arrived in 2011 and brought so much joy to our family. Matt was ordained in the Free Methodist Church in 2013.


                                     Right around that time the Lord started stirring in our hearts. We knew He wanted to                                        tell us something. Around that same time the Free Methodist Asia Area Director                                                came to us and felt that the Lord wanted us to go to the Philippines. He asked us to                                          pray. Almost immediately we felt that this is what God wanted us to do. So that                                                  started the process of making our way to the Philippines.

                                     We arrived in the Philippines in October 2014. We lived in

                                     Butuan City where Matt served as English Pastor at the

                                     Butuan City Free Methodist "Mother" Church as well as

                                     taught at Light & Life Bible College. Christine taught Chloe

                                     at home. We thoroughly enjoyed our time in Butuan. A

                                     week after we arrived in the Philippines we found out that

Christine was pregnant and in May 2015 Libby was born in Butuan City. We strive

to seek and obey the Lord and we're so excited for what He has in store for us

yet. As they say...the best is yet to come.

Our Story: