Invite us to your church

Connect with us in the Philippines

We thoroughly enjoy visiting your church and speaking. Matt usually preaches and Christine loves teaching children's church or children's Sunday school classes too. Matt and Christine both enjoy sharing in adult and youth Sunday school classes or small groups as well. We love partnering with you and your church as we come. We would love for your church to commit to supporting us regularly, but if your church cannot do that we still would love to come. If you cannot support regularly perhaps a love offering could be a good method while we're there to help us on our journey.


If you're interested in having us come to you church please Contact Us here.

We'd love to connect with you and your church while we're living in the Philippines. We can't visit your church while we're across the world, so the second best thing is video chat with you or your church. We enjoy connecting with churches, sharing what's going on or even preaching via Skype or FaceTime during your church service. If your church doesn't have wifi or doesn't have the capability of video chatting in the service we could also send you a personalized video just for your church or group. Let us know how we can connect with you and your church so we can stay in touch. Contact Us.