"We love it when you pray for us. Thank you."    -Chloe

Please pray for us. We truly believe in the power of prayer and we love joining together in prayer.

Ways you can pray:





Pulse Magazine has a daily prayer calendar to pray for the Free Methodist missionaries. This is a great way to stay in touch and in prayer for our missionaries around the world.


Morning or evening or whatever time of the day devotions are a great way to keep our eyes on Jesus. Prayer is especially important in our daily walk with the Lord. Praying for us during these times is a great way to continue to remember to pray for us. That's when we pray for you too.

If you follow us on Facebook or Twitter you can look on Mondays for our weekly prayer request. We put these requests online for an extra way to pray. We list ways you can pray for us, as well as ways to pray for the Philippines and our ministry.

One great thing you could do is schedule a time each week that you and your family or friends prays for us and for our ministry. 

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On our e-newsletter, "The Scoop on the Sauders", we feature a prayer corner in which we list a few prayer requests each month. These prayer requests are listed so you know how to pray monthly for us. These requests change each month and are a great way to pray for us.

Anytime is a good time to pray. We thank you in advance for your prayer. Remember to keep you church informed and praying as well. We really appreciate your partnership in prayer.

We'd like to know any creative or interesting ways you pray for us. Also if you'd like more specific prayer requestes just ask us. Please Contact Us for more info.