The Philippines

The Philippines as a whole is primarily Catholic as a result of Spain conquering and ruling for almost 400 years. Islam is definitely on the rise as well.


The country is tropical and hot. There are over 7,000 islands that make up the Philippines. There are two seasons: rainy and dry seasons. During rainy season, the islands are plagued often with torrential rains and typhoons, which have cause much damage throughout the country. The most important food in the Philippines is rice. Thousands of tropical fruits bring a delicious variety to add to the cuisine. While there are same major urban metro cities the majority of the Philippines is very rural and spread throughout the mountains and jungles. Dozens of tribal groups make up the different people groups.


In 1949, missionaries Walter and Gertrude Groesbeck, made their way to the Philippines and founded the first Free Methodist Church in Bunawan in Mindanao Island. Eventually that church was moved to Butuan City, Agusan del Norte. It was there that missionaries also founded Light & Life Bible College in 1955. Pastors have gone to college and have been sent all over the country to serve the Lord.


International Child Care Ministries is very involved in the Philippines as they're involved in wholistic child development through child sponsorship. Below is a video about Ahon Ministries, located in Butuan City, where the Sauders lived their first year in the Philippines.